Bugsnag recipe


Install with composer

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Add to your deploy.php

require 'recipe/bugsnag.php';


  • bugsnagapikey – the API Key associated with the project. Informs Bugsnag which project has been deployed. This is the only required field.
  • bugsnag_provider – the name of your source control provider. Required when repository is supplied and only for on-premise services.
  • bugsnagappversion – the app version of the code you are currently deploying. Only set this if you tag your releases with semantic version numbers and deploy infrequently. (Optional.)


  • bugsnag:notify – send message to Bugsnag


Since you should only notify Bugsnag of a successfull deployment, the deploy:bugsnag task should be executed right at the end.

after('deploy', 'deploy:bugsnag');