Cachetool recipe


Install with composer

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Add to your deploy.php

require 'recipe/cachetool.php';


  • cachetool (optional): accepts a string with the unix socket or ip address to php5-fpm. If cachetool is not given, then the application will look for a cachetool.yml file and read the configuration from there.

    set('cachetool', '/var/run/php5-fpm.sock');
    // or
    set('cachetool', '');

You can also specify different cachetool settings for each host:

    ->set('cachetool', '');
    ->set('cachetool', '/var/run/php5-fpm.sock');

By default, if no cachetool parameter is provided, this recipe will fallback to the global setting.


  • cachetool:clear:apc – clears APC system cache
  • cachetool:clear:opcache – resets the contents of the opcode cache


Since APC and OPcache deal with compiling and caching files, they should be executed right after the symlink is created for the new release:

after('deploy:symlink', 'cachetool:clear:opcache');
// or
after('deploy:symlink', 'cachetool:clear:apc');

Read more

Read more information about cachetool on the website: