CIMonitor recipe

Monitor your deployments on CIMonitor.



Install recipes through composer:

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Require cimonitor recipe in your deploy.php file:

require 'recipe/cimonitor.php';

Add tasks on deploy:

before('deploy', 'cimonitor:notify');
after('success', 'cimonitor:notify:success');
after('deploy:failed', 'cimonitor:notify:failure');


  • cimonitor_webhook – CIMonitor server webhook url, required
    set('cimonitor_webhook', '');
  • cimonitor_title – the title of application, default the username\reponame combination from {{repository}}
    set('cimonitor_title', '');
  • cimonitor_user – User object with name and email, default gets information from git config
    set('cimonitor_user', function () {
    return [
      'name' => 'John Doe',
      'email' => '',

Various cimonitor statusses are set, in case you want to change these yourselves. See the CIMonitor documentation for the usages of different states.


  • cimonitor:notify – notify CIMonitor of starting deployment
  • cimonitor:notify:success – send success message to CIMonitor
  • cimonitor:notify:failure – send failure message to CIMonitor


If you want to notify only about beginning of deployment add this line only:

before('deploy', 'cimonitor:notify');

If you want to notify about successful end of deployment add this too:

after('success', 'cimonitor:notify:success');

If you want to notify about failed deployment add this too:

after('deploy:failed', 'cimonitor:notify:failure');