Discord recipe


Require discord recipe in your deploy.php file:

require 'recipe/discord.php';

Add hook on deploy:

before('deploy', 'discord:notify');


  • discord_channel – Discord channel ID, required
  • discord_token – Discord channel token, required

  • discord_notify_text – notification message template, markdown supported, default:
    :information_source: **{{user}}** is deploying branch `{{branch}}` to _{{target}}_
  • discord_success_text – success template, default:
    :white_check_mark: Branch `{{branch}}` deployed to _{{target}}_ successfully
  • discord_failure_text – failure template, default:
    :no_entry_sign: Branch `{{branch}}` has failed to deploy to _{{target}}_


  • discord:notify – Notify Discord
  • discord:notify:success – Notify Discord about deploy finish
  • discord:notify:failure – Notify Discord about deploy failure
  • discord:test – Just notify your Discord channel with all messages, without deploying


If you want to notify only about beginning of deployment add this line only:

before('deploy', 'discord:notify');

If you want to notify about successful end of deployment add this too:

after('success', 'discord:notify:success');

If you want to notify about failed deployment add this too:

after('deploy:failed', 'discord:notify:failure');