Hipchat recipe


Install with composer

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Add to your deploy.php

require 'recipe/hipchat.php';


  • hipchat_token – Hipchat V1 auth token
  • hipchat_room_id – Room ID or name
  • hipchat_message – Deploy message, default is _{{user}}_ deploying{{branch}}to *{{target}}*
  • hipchat_from – Default to target
  • hipchat_color – Message color, default is green
  • hipchat_url – The URL to the message endpoint, default is https://api.hipchat.com/v1/rooms/message


  • hipchat:notify – send message to hipchat


Since you should only notify Hipchat room of a successfull deployment, the hipchat:notify task should be executed right at the end.

after('deploy', 'hipchat:notify');