Phinx recipe


Install with composer

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Add to your deploy.php

require 'recipe/phinx.php';

Configuration options

All options are in the config parameter phinx specified as an array (instead of the phinx_path variable). All parameters are optional, but you can specify them with a dictionary (to change all parameters) or by deployer dot notation (to change one option).

Phinx params

  • phinx.environment
  • phinx.configuration N.B. current directory is the project directory
  • phinx.seed
  • phinx.parser
  • phinx.remove-all (pass empty string as value)

Phinx path params

  • phinx_path Specify phinx path (by default phinx is searched for in $PATH, ./vendor/bin and ~/.composer/vendor/bin)

Example of usage

$phinx_env_vars = [
  'environment' => 'development',
  'configuration' => './migration/.phinx.yml'
  'target' => '20120103083322',
  'remove-all' => ''

set('phinx_path', '/usr/local/phinx/bin/phinx');
set('phinx', $phinx_env_vars);

after('cleanup', 'phinx:migrate');

// or set it for a specific server
    ->set('deploy_path', '/var/www')
    ->set('phinx', $phinx_env_vars)
    ->set('phinx_path', '');


  • phinx:migrate Migrate your database
  • phinx:rollback Rollback your database
  • phinx:seed Run seeds for your database
  • phinx:breakpoint Set a breakpoint for your database (note that breakpoints are toggled on/off automatically by Phinx, so you will need to call this command once with the remove-all option, then delete the remove-all option from the recipe configuration and re-run phinx:breakpoint to set the breakpoint to the current migration)

Suggested Usage

You can run all tasks before or after any tasks (but you need to specify external configs for phinx). If you use internal configs (which are in your project) you need to run it after the deploy:update_code task is completed.

Read more

For further reading see Complete descriptions of all possible options can be found on the commands page.