Raygun recipe


Install with composer

composer require deployer/recipes --dev

Add to your deploy.php

require 'recipe/raygun.php';


  • raygun_api_key – the API key of your Raygun application
  • raygun_version – the version of your application that this deployment is releasing
  • raygun_owner_name – the name of the person creating this deployment
  • raygun_email – the email of the person creating this deployment
  • raygun_comment – the deployment notes
  • raygun_scm_identifier – the commit that this deployment was built off
  • raygun_scm_type - the source control system you use


  • raygun:notify – send deployment details to Raygun


To notify Raygun of a succesful deployment, you can use the 'raygun:notify' task after a deployment.

after('deploy', 'raygun:notify');