Sentry recipe


// deploy.php

require 'recipe/sentry.php';

Configuration options

  • organization (required): the slug of the organization the release belongs to.
  • project (required): the slug of the project to create a release for.
  • token (required): authentication token. Can be created at
  • version (required) – a version identifier for this release. Can be a version number, a commit hash etc. (Defaults is set to git log -n 1 —format=“%h”.)
  • ref (optional) – an optional commit reference. This is useful if a tagged version has been provided.
  • url (optional) – a URL that points to the release. This can be the path to an online interface to the sourcecode for instance.
  • date_started (optional) – an optional date that indicates when the release process started.
  • date_released (optional) – an optional date that indicates when the release went live. If not provided the current time is assumed.
  • sentry_server (optional) – an optional sentry server (if you host it yourself). default to hosted sentry service.
// deploy.php

set('sentry', [
    'organization' => 'example org', 
    'project' => 'example proj', 
    'token' => 'd47828...', 
    'version' => '0.0.1'


  • deploy:sentry send message to Sentry

Suggested Usage

Since you should only notify Sentry of a successfull deployment, the deploy:sentry task should be executed right at the end.

// deploy.php

after('deploy', 'deploy:sentry');