Telegram recipe


  1. Create telegram bot with BotFather and grab the token provided
  2. Send /start to your bot and open{$TELEGRAM_TOKEN_HERE}/getUpdates
  3. Take chat_id from response Require telegram recipe in your deploy.php file:
require 'recipe/telegram.php';

Add hook on deploy:

before('deploy', 'telegram:notify');


  • telegram_token – telegram bot token, required
  • telegram_chat_id — chat ID to push messages to
  • telegram_proxy - proxy connection string in CURLOPT_PROXY form like:
  • telegram_title – the title of application, default {{application}}
  • telegram_text – notification message template
    _{{user}}_ deploying `{{branch}}` to *{{target}}*
  • telegram_success_text – success template, default:
    Deploy to *{{target}}* successful


  • telegram:notify – send message to telegram
  • telegram:notify:success – send success message to telegram


If you want to notify only about beginning of deployment add this line only:

before('deploy', 'telegram:notify');

If you want to notify about successful end of deployment add this too:

after('success', 'telegram:notify:success');