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Deployer — Deployment tool for PHP

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I'm working on first LTS release of Deployer.
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Getting Started

Run the following commands in the console:

curl -LO
mv deployer.phar /usr/local/bin/dep
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dep

Or you can install it with composer:

composer require deployer/deployer

Deployer Features


Deployer is packed with time-saving features and optimisations, best for performance and development.


Create your own deployment script based on our modular blocks called "recipes".

Clean code

Deployer has very clean and well tested code. The repository is watched by many code quality tools, and every pull request is also checked by QA tools.


If something is wrong, a simple rollback to the previous release is possible.

Atomic deploys

Prepare codebase, warm cache, do other stuff, and then deploy them with symlinks!

Parallel tasks

Deployer can run tasks in parallel, no other extension is required!


Deployer keeps consistency between servers, even in parallel mode! If one task fails, subsequent tasks will not be executed on all servers.

Community Support

If you are having problems, you can ask for help on our community chats.

Works with

Symfony Deployment
Laravel Deployment
Yii Deployment
Zend Framework Deployment
CakePHP Deployment
CodeIgniter Deployment
Composer Integration
Drupal Deployment
FuelPHP Deployment
Magento Deployment
TYPO3 Deployment
WordPress Deployment
CloudFlare Integration
Hipchat Integration
NewRelic Integration
Slack Integration


Deployer is an open source project. If you want to support the development of Deployer visit our patreon page.

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