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What is Deployer?

A deployment tool written in PHP with support for popular frameworks out of the box.

Why should you use Deployer?

  1. Automatic server provisioning.
    Deployer will configure your server, setup a firewall, install PHP and MySQL, configure SSL, etc.

  2. Zero downtime deployments.
    Did something go wrong? Rollback to the previous release.

  3. Ready to use recipes for most frameworks and applications.

How to install?

composer require deployer/deployer

Other installation methods.

How to get started?

We have a great tutorial: Get Started

Who use Deployer?

Deployer used by hundreds thousands of projects around the world, performing more than a million of deploys each month. Deployer comes with more than 50 ready to use recipes for frameworks and third-party services.

History and evolution

Deployer was created by Anton Medvedev on 11 Jul 2013 (9 years ago). Deployer continues to evolve: core task runner was rewritten recently, recipes get improvements from the community, and patches to support changes in a newer version of frameworks and applications.

How can I help?

Additional resources

Where I can buy Deployer sticker?

You can buy Deployer sticker on RedBubble as well as t-shirts and more.