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Version: 7.x

Sentry Recipe

Webpod - deploy JavaScript apps
require 'contrib/sentry.php';


Configuration options

  • organization (required): the slug of the organization the release belongs to.
  • projects (required): array of slugs of the projects to create a release for.
  • token (required): authentication token. Can be created at []
  • version (required) – a version identifier for this release. Can be a version number, a commit hash etc. (Defaults is set to git log -n 1 --format="%h".)
  • version_prefix (optional) - a string prefixed to version. Releases are global per organization so indipentent projects needs to prefix version number with unique string to avoid conflicts
  • environment (optional) - the environment you’re deploying to. By default framework's environment is used. For example for symfony, symfony_env configuration is read otherwise defaults to 'prod'.
  • ref (optional) – an optional commit reference. This is useful if a tagged version has been provided.
  • refs (optional) - array to indicate the start and end commits for each repository included in a release. Head commits must include parameters repository and commit) (the HEAD sha). They can optionally include previousCommit (the sha of the HEAD of the previous release), which should be specified if this is the first time you’ve sent commit data.
  • commits (optional) - array commits data to be associated with the release. Commits must include parameters id (the sha of the commit), and can optionally include repository, message, author_name, author_email and timestamp. By default will send all new commits, unless it's a first release, then only first 200 will be sent.
  • url (optional) – a URL that points to the release. This can be the path to an online interface to the sourcecode for instance.
  • date_released (optional) – date that indicates when the release went live. If not provided the current time is assumed.
  • sentry_server (optional) – sentry server (if you host it yourself). defaults to hosted sentry service.
  • date_deploy_started (optional) - date that indicates when the deploy started. Defaults to current time.
  • date_deploy_finished (optional) - date that indicates when the deploy ended. If not provided, the current time is used.
  • deploy_name (optional) - name of the deploy
  • git_version_command (optional) - the command that retrieves the git version information (Defaults is set to git log -n 1 --format="%h", other options are git describe --tags --abbrev=0)

set('sentry', [
'organization' => 'exampleorg',
'projects' => [
'token' => 'd47828...',
'version' => '0.0.1',


Suggested Usage

Since you should only notify Sentry of a successful deployment, the deploy:sentry task should be executed right at the end.


after('deploy', 'deploy:sentry');