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Version: 7.x

How to Deploy a Codeigniter Project

require 'recipe/codeigniter.php';


Deployer is a free and open source deployment tool written in PHP. It helps you to deploy your Codeigniter application to a server. It is very easy to use and has a lot of features.

Three main features of Deployer are:

  • Provisioning - provision your server for you.
  • Zero downtime deployment - deploy your application without a downtime.
  • Rollbacks - rollback your application to a previous version, if something goes wrong.

Additionally, Deployer has a lot of other features, like:

  • Easy to use - Deployer is very easy to use. It has a simple and intuitive syntax.
  • Fast - Deployer is very fast. It uses parallel connections to deploy your application.
  • Secure - Deployer uses SSH to connect to your server.
  • Supports all major PHP frameworks - Deployer supports all major PHP frameworks.

You can read more about Deployer in Getting Started.

The deploy task of Codeigniter consists of:

The codeigniter recipe is based on the common recipe.




Overrides shared_dirs from recipe/deploy/shared.php.

CodeIgniter shared dirs

Default value
['application/cache', 'application/logs']



Overrides writable_dirs from recipe/deploy/writable.php.

CodeIgniter writable dirs

Default value
['application/cache', 'application/logs']




Deploys your project.

Main task

This task is group task which contains next tasks: